How Humorous Is Monty Python's Brilliantly Funny?

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Monty Python The reason why Monty Python’s parody is so brilliantly funny is because it challenges our core fundamentals of heroics. As children we are taught about heroes such as the knight and shining armor riding a trusty white steed who rescues the damsel in distress. Monty Python exaggerates the reason for the heroic act and portrays the heroes as being pompous and arrogant. Monty Python is a parody that focuses on the humor of King Arthur as he and his knights search for the Holy Grail.
King Arthur being the journey looking for knights to serve at the round table of Camelot. Typically knights were known for their bravery, chivalry and heroism. The knights King Arthur appointed were rather the least likely knights. They failed at their battles and ran in fear from danger like cowards. They were not brave at all nor where they noble and strong. They also lacked respect and honor from the townspeople. Monty may be pointing out the fact that the Knights of the Round Table were not as brave and heroic as they seem to be in the original text, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.
Sir Lancelot, which was one of King Arthur’s knights, was seduced by a group of virgin women at Castle Anthrax and
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In the Monty Python movie it portrays characters as lacking those traits. Basically, The Green Knight destroys characters like those that lack chivalry as the Python movie pokes fun of them. The Green Knight challenged those characters and found the true flaw of the knight that no one could see. In return taught a lesson to Gawain and even though his character was heroic and noble, there was a limit in which there were some selfish and cowardly characteristics in which was deep within and uncovered by fear. That, in my opinion, is human nature. Monty exaggerates this kind of character as being a complete coward and displaying complete

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