Monologue For Romeo And Juliet

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"I don 't usually do things like this, write down how I feel or what 's happened to me recently. However, considering what 's happening right now, I wanted to right it all down. If anyone ever finds this I want them to show it to as many people as they can in case my story is similar to others. I want what is happening to me to stop, I want people to see that my kind won 't hurt anyone.
After saying that, I feel like I can now tell you what happened exactly. My family wanted to keep my secret, they thought the best way to do that was for me to marry Paris. Paris is a kinsmen to the prince, he is wealthy, handsome and he wanted to marry me. Unfortunately I didn 't want to marry him. I believed, and still believe, that I 'm too young and that
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I told him that my name is Juliet, he told me that his name is Romeo. Once I was alone in my room I went out onto my balcony and called for my Romeo saying "Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou my Romeo?" I was playing with a little doll I made that looks almost exactly like him. Suddenly I saw him, he jumped out, he had no idea why he did. He spotted the doll and accused me of being a witch, that 's when I had to tell him everything. We talked about it for awhile and he told me that he wouldn 't tell anyone. Then I was called by my nurse. He gave me a goodbye kiss and left. The thing is, we can 't be seen by anyone. I 'm Juliet Capulet and he 's Romeo Montague, our families have been fighting for as long as I can remember and I 've been forbidden to see or talk to any …show more content…
We went away and suddenly I was called by my nurse. She told me that I had to hide as everyone in Verona was searching for me now that they all know I 'm a witch. I hid away in Friar Laurence 's church. Friar told me that as the citizens of Verona found out that Romeo knew my secret for a while he was banished from the city. Friar left and I was alone in his church. I heard doors opening and then I saw a pers"
I thought there was no better way to start this story than to open with the one and only diary entry written by my beloved Juliet. That last sentence would have been something like "I heard doors opening and then I saw a person holding a torch. They suddenly grabbed me and took me to the middle of the city for everyone to see."
Every time I read that message Juliet left for everyone I can 't help but feel like it 's all my fault, which it is, I should have never told anyone about her being a witch but I thought I fell out of love with her. I was banished from Verona for not telling anyone earlier, I found life out of the only city I 've ever been in hard so I thought I 'd come back. Once I came back no one noticed me for a while. I saw this giant crowd gathered at the centre of the city, no one had noticed me so I watched to see what was

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