The Importance Of Monkeys In Captivity

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I think monkeys and humans need social interaction to have a long and happy life. Just like humans they crave attention. You can see this happen in research laboratories even when it is painful they still interact with the scientists. We can compare monkeys to us in so many ways including behaviors, family groups and social interaction. I think we could learn a lot from the monkeys in observing how they behave in all kinds of situations. Observing them in the wild would be the best way but in captivity they can also be observed. Monkeys in captivity behave different in many ways than their wild cousins.

I think Monkeys have many behaviors and emotions in common with humans. They sit together, groom each other and help each other with so many
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Looking at monkeys in a habitat together you can see the group as a community just like us humans. They sometimes eat together, bathe and groom together and just have some fun at times. It is easy to see who the older monkeys in the group are as they watch over and scold the younger adolescents. The babies are looked after and carried around just like humans. I also believe that monkeys can be sad and mourn the loss of one of their groups. It has shown they will stand around silently when a group member dies just as we do. Some researchers suggest that while they may not understand death in the same way we do, monkeys and apes do seem share our tendency to have trouble accepting it (Vea, 2014). Monkeys behavior in captivity is different from those in the wild just as ours is different at home, work or out on the town. Each situation causes us to behave and adapt to our surroundings just as monkeys do. Monkeys also have certain behaviors that they do when one of their groups has become an outcast for whatever reason. Some will interact a little and others not at all. Humans pretty much do the same when dealing with others that don 't fit our society. I would have to say that our social behavior and interaction is very like a group of …show more content…
When trying to figure out a theory or idea there is always a guess but to see if you are right, observation is the way to prove it. We can learn so much by observing especially in a non-controlled environment, unlike a research lab. Unfortunately, many see experimenting on monkeys as the only way to find out how humans would react to things like medication, vaccines and diseases. I hope this is stopped someday as I think it is cruel because monkeys feel hurt and pain the same way we do, and we would never knowingly test things on

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