Monitoing Essay

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Melissa Stevens
Patricia Dehof
April 47, 2015

Monitoring When using research methods to monitor solution implementation there is one that is commonly used in incivility research. In general, “the operational method” is commonly used to measure exposure to workplace bullying through surveys: participants indicate how frequently they are exposed to different bullying behaviors or negative acts that neither refer to the concept of bullying nor ask for bullying recognition (Giorgi, 2012). Having the ability to use different operations on one conceptual variable gives a researcher the ability to key in on the conceptual variable of interest. Using conceptual and measured variables will show the relationship between
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Evaluation Validation and reliability were methods used to evaluate the solution. A variable is simply a dimension or factor that changes. Validity has to do with the truthfulness degree and it actually measures the intended aspect. Even though validity may seem like a basic concept, it is not always the easiest to accomplish. The measurement of reliability deals with consistency, and there can be several different types of reliability. As an example, when researchers agree about an element of a study it is then considered reliable. Dimensions are almost always reliable if they are constant over a period of time. Researchers want to use validity and reliability measures in their studies to show truthfulness and consistency. Good studies will write about validity and reliability elements in the methods section of their article.
Outcome Measures Using the data collected from the Nursing Incivility Scale (NIS) validity and reliability were established through the use of internal consistency and by showing convergent and discriminant validity through the gathering of evidence. Evidence of validity was gathered by examining correlations between the NIS and other previously validated measures (Guidroz et al., 2010). There was a pattern that resulted in reliability estimates in the Nurse Incivility subscale that consisted of three incivility factors and the General Incivility subscale that consisted of two incivility factors. The average

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