Modernity And Globalization Essay

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Modernity and globalization have increased drastically in the past few centuries. Some religions have responded openly and positively while other religions have ended up being split into camps; one side welcoming modernity and globalization, with the hopes of a larger following, and the other fearing secularization and infringement on sacred traditions. Religions you can See being impacted by modernity include Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. With Christianity being one of the biggest religion with roughly a third of the world 's population, It makes it very difficult for this religion not to modernize to stay in tune with newer generations. Christianity can be broken up into three categories. 1. Catholic church. 2. one tree church. 3. …show more content…
In my experience of being a Catholic at one point in my life and then Converting Christian has really changed my view of religion, and how both religions are worshiping the same god yet one being Catholicism has a very old fashioned way of doing it that appeases a certain generation group around my dad 's generation and the Christian church that has a more modern approach to help please its followers to help continue following the lord in a more fun and understanding way that can be seen in ones everyday life. I feel once my dad 's generation is no longer here the church will slowly start to fade out because new times calls for change and in order to thrive in today 's world you need to modernize to help stay in tune with today 's generation. although Christianity, and religions branching from Christianity have had their issues with modernity, Judaism has had its conflicting battles with modernity that has affected the way there religion has performed its religious law. Moses Mendelssohn had an amazing idea that would influence the future of Judaism and how it should interact with the modern world. Mendelssohn had the idea that if Judaism began to parallel Christianity, than Judaism and its peoples would be able to live life more cohesively in Europe. Unlike future progressive movements, Mendelssohn was hard-pressed on maintaining Jewish

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