Modernism : Comparison Europe And Australia Essay

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1. Modernism: Comparison Europe/Australia

Europe was the frontier for Modernism in the art world, with the movement emerging mid nineteenth century from artists like 19th century painter Gustave Courbet . Modernism began during the Industrial Revolution, a period of rapid change in technology which profoundly affected social, economic and cultural life in Europe.

Impressionism was most prominent around this time. Impressionism in Europe often depicted the beautiful architecture and used plain air, observing outdoor life and capturing the atmosphere of the time they were painting.
Impressionism was introduced to Australia by many artists including Nora Simpsons, an artist arriving from Europe to Sydney. In 1913, she bought copies of French paintings, that also introduced styles such as cubism and expressionism. French Impressionism was mainly pastel colours, delicate colours, many inspired by Claude Monet’s dot paintings. Australian Impressionism made use of darker tones like brown because of the difference in terrain.
Opposing Europe’s fondness of their architecture, Australian artists were more interested in the landscape, as it is so unlike other countries terrain.


Modernism was brought to Australia comparatively later to Europe and for the first few years of Modernism in Australia, art was mainly dominated by Impressionism, a style encouraged by Australia’s first art school, The Heidelberg School in 1891.

Meanwhile in Europe, Fauvism and…

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