Modern Medicine Is Amazing? Essay

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Modern medicine is amazing. The techniques being developed to treat disease and research methods by the medical community are astounding. The engineer in me sees the da Vinci Surgical System, robotic arms that a surgeon controls, and can’t help but be mesmerized. During the past three and half years, however, I have had a front row seat in how medicine can still cause debilitating harm. I have been dating a woman who had an adverse reaction to an antibiotic prescribed to her for a sinus infection. The drug caused peripheral neuropathy and recurring tremors. Over four years later, she has improved, but the path has not been easy. Unintended consequences will always happen, no matter the profession, but how she was treated transformed my view of medicine.

I grew up around medicine; my father is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. Often during my childhood, I would go with him when he did rounds. I loved these moments because he gave me challenging math problems to complete, and I would be surrounded by signed photographs of inspirational athletes. Once I finished the math problems, I would daringly venture through the halls to gaze at the seemingly heroic figures, and memorabilia thanking the doctors who operated on them. Even though my father specializes in sports medicine, the majority of his patients require surgeries typical of those who are older than that of a young athlete. During these experiences with my father, these patients routinely gushed…

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