Modern Greek Culture : Is It A Part Of Normal Life? Essay

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In modern Greek culture, dating has become a part of normal life. Where the people of Greece formerly practiced arranged marriages, the fast-paced working society involving numerous interactions throughout the day which replaced the need for family to pick and choose their kin 's partners. Everything after engagement up to arranging the marriage with the best man, "koumparos”, and maid of honor, "koumpara", is carried out solely between the bride- and groom-to-be (Rigou, n.d.). When it comes to choosing the venue, due to the fact that Greece is primarily Eastern Orthodox Christian, most marriage ceremonies are held in Orthodox churches, if not there, then in the Town Hall (Rigou, n.d.). The engagement ring is worn on the left hand until the two partners are wed, then the ring is placed on the right hand. Other practices include decorating the marital bed, dancing, and blessings of the "stefana" which are headdresses worn by the bride and groom.
Once the bride and groom are married, the two walk multiple "times around the altar followed by the 'koumparos ', who holds the 'stefana '. The guests at this point, throw rice and rose petals at the couple, to wish them a long-lasting and stable life together" (Rigou, n.d.). Following this, the unwed women gather behind the bride and the bride throws her bouquet. The catcher of the bouquet is said to be the next in line for marriage (Rigou, n.d.).
In ancient Greece, people practiced arranged marriages, which came along with a…

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