Modern Day New York City Essay

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Immediately I get the impression I am reading a book, about a person in modern day New York City, even the sentence “Rome never sleeps” confirms this for me. New York City is known for being the city that never sleeps. The magnitude of Rome was palpable to the citizens. The monuments, libraries, and temples can put many modern cities today to shame. I have never been to New York City still; I can imagine people feel that this is where life is happening. This is the tone I get from ancient Rome as well. The position Angela takes is to just show you a day, but also point out the connections and continuity. He brings the readers on a guided tour while pointing out the similarities. While any differences or changes are thoughtfully defended by Angela.
When I first started reading about roman dress, I visualized the glamorous draped dresses we see in movies. I never thought of the togas as glamorous but more provoking and loutish. At first I thought, people do not dress up like that anymore. For example, in Anchorage, I never see a stunning red dress, or even a stunning red shirt. Everything is for convenience and comfort. Yes in NYC, LA or San Francisco you will see some stunning outfits, however your average American is very casual and basic. Angela proves to the readers that these draped dresses and togas were in fact very comfortable and that the Roman people at that time were also into basics and comfort. In fact the women’s dress was a very basic shape and looked similar…

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