Modavigil Case Study

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Names: Generic: modafinil, Trade name in New Zealand: MODAVIGIL® (MIMS 2015).
Drug class: Central nervous stimulants (Wake- promoting agents) (Ballon and Feifel, 2006)
Formulation: Modavigil ® is formulated as modafinil white to off-white, crystalline powder in tablet form. It is available in tablets containing 100mg of modafinil. Excipients in the tablet are: lactose, strach, pregelatinised maize, maicrocrystaline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, providone and magnesium stearate (Medsafe, 2015).
Indications: Modavigil ® is indicated as a treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcoplasy, obstructive sleep anoea/hypopnoea syndrome in order to improve wakefulness. Due to its wake- promoting effect it can be given to treat
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This research topic draws activity of modafinil using various schedules of sleep and wakefulness and explored its mode of action by means of a sleep mode. Modafinil was investigated in two double-blind crossover studies in healthy male volunteers. Statistic model was used to explore mode of action with the relationship total sleep duration and that of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. In this method 12 subjects were administered 100, 200, 300 mg modafinil and placebo, 0.5h before bedtime to study night-time sleep (23:00- 07:00) followed by next-day performance (09:00-17:00). All the subjects were free from the use of medication and abstained from caffeine and alcohol for 24 h before each experimental. Modafinil dose-dependently reduce sleep duration. The result from statistical model showed that reduced REM sleep was due to alerting activity, with no evidence of direct suppression of REM sleep, suggesting dopaminergic activity. Modafinil enhances performance during overnight work with different dose. But, the enhancement was less at the highest dose (300 mg) by the greater disturbance of prior sleep during next-day performance study. These results indicate that modafinil has alerting properties arising predominantly form dopaminergic activity, with long duration of action. Studies …show more content…
Schizophrenia is condition in which patient have abnormalities in attention, memory, verbal processes, impulsivity and executive function. In first episode psychosis (FEP) deficits are present before a formal diagnosis of schizophrenia can be established. Patient with FEP and schizophrenia share deficits in inhibitory control and verbal memory. The purpose of the study is to probe the mechanisms of action of modafinil across cognitive impairment in first episode psychosis. In psychosis cognitive impairments are important factors of functional outcome, which needs to be treated by antipsychotic medication. Previous studies have shown that modafinil improve attention, memory and executive function in the healthy population and in the patients with Schizophrenia. In this study, forty patient with a first episode of psychosis participated. This involved a placebo controlled, followed by a randomized, double-blind, cross-over styled single oral dose of 200mg modafinil. During the first session, half of the participants randomised to receive a single oral dose of a lactose placebo, followed by 200mg modafinil on the second session and the other half of the participants randomised to receive the modafinil, followed by placebo. Statistical repeated-measures analysis model used to measure executive functioning, memory

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