Moby Dick : A Man Of Few Words Essay

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A Man of Few Words Melville an author that has wrote many successful stories for instance he wrote Moby Dick, but Moby Dick completely different from “Bartleby the Scrivener” Melville writes about a man who completely never has any intention of working hard. All of the characters in the story have their own personality of course; and Bartleby completely expresses the word different. The other scriveners described as hard working, and cooperates with the narrator who’s their boss. The main characters included Bartleby, narrator, Turkey, Nippers, and Ginger Nut. Short stories have their own type of writing and in this short story the setting takes place in Wall Street dealing with scriveners that work for a lawyer. The publication year of this short story took place in the year of 1853. Melville known for many other works, but this one in particular stood out to others specifically, because of Bartleby and his absurd personality. Melville expresses emotion through the theme of the short story one’s mood can affect all, and awkward emotions of Bartleby shown through the very first moment the narrator met Bartleby, and when Bartleby refuses with a response “I prefer not to,” (Melville 20) and not wanting to eat while in prison or socially interact with others.
From the very first moment the narrator met Bartleby, the narrator knew from the very moment Bartleby completely different from the others, but that’s what caught the narrator’s attention and hired him. In the short story…

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