Miss Vs. Miss Bates Essay

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Fake Smiles Do you ever laugh at a joke that is not funny or fake a smile when a situation is uncomfortable? The honest answer for most people is yes. You flash a fake smile for a few seconds in order to avoid an awkward situation. Imagine having to force a smile every day to hide your true feelings. In the novel, Emma, Miss Bates lives a façade to conceal her many insecurities and true unhappiness. She appears to be cheerful and full of life but she is crumbling inside. Miss Bates is the epitome of the saying, things are not always what they seem. Miss Bates is a positive woman with an even more positive attitude. A prime example is when Emma Woodhouse, a snobby, self-centered young lady, publicly insults Miss Bates. While playing a friendly game during the Box Hill party, Emma exclaims, “pardon me, but you will be limited as to a number – only three at once” (Austen 320). Miss Bates shows a high level of maturity and self-control in the heat of the moment. In a later scene, Emma goes to Miss Bates’s home to apologize for her unnecessary outburst. Instead of being angry, Miss Bates cheerfully says how Emma is “always kind” (Austen 329) and how happy she is to see her. Miss Bates’s lack of response and positive attitude speaks lengths about her character and who she is as a person. Many, if not all, people in Highbury think Miss Bates is a “happy woman” whom “no one name[s] without goodwill” (Austen 15). Miss Bates is constantly upbeat and cheery because there is a weak…

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