Essay about Miss Brill, And Jane : The Recollection

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Throughout Frankenstein, "Miss Brill", and "To Jane: The Recollection", the reader is exposed to the various ways nature can isolate the individual from the toils of societal life. The tranquility and placidity of nature is influential in the individual 's willingness to isolate themselves from the society that they are apart of. This is most evident in "Miss Brill" and her ability to isolate herself in her surroundings and create a fantasy world. Mansfield 's descriptions of the public garden evident in the band 's "louder and gayer" music filling the air, the descriptions of the old man in the "velvet coat", the husband and wife in the "dreadful Panama hat and…button boots", the old people who were "still as statues", and the little boys and girls with "big white silk bows…little French dolls", the beautiful woman, and the young couple serves as a way to create a rich setting filled with commotion; a sharp contrast to the isolation that Miss. Brill is actually experiencing. This is most evident when the speaker says: "But today she passed the baker 's by, climbed the stairs, went into the little dark room – her room like a cupboard – and sat down on the red eiderdown. She sat here for a long time. The box that the fur came out of was on the bed. She unclasped the necklet quickly; quickly, without looking, laid it inside. But when she put the lid on she thought she heard something crying. (Mansfield)
The imagery of the "little dark room" and the simile…

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