Misogyny In Amy Poehler's Parks And Recreation

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In the hit NBC comedy show, “Parks and Recreation,” Amy Poehler plays Leslie Knope (Pawnee, Indiana’s deputy parks officer) who entices the audience with her hilarious comedy. Along with memorable characters such as Lil Sebastian, and the infamous phrase “Treat Yo’ Self,” Parks and Recreation is known for breaking down numerous gender barriers with humor. This Emmy-nominated television program shows the misogyny in the government, expresses men’s interest in gender equality, and exemplifies women doing and excelling at activities that are considered too “manly” for the average woman. Along with dealing and running the Parks Department of Pawnee, Leslie Knope has to expose the misogyny she’s faced with. In one episode, Leslie gathered all the living directors of the Parks department so she can gain inspiration on a project she was working on. When she brought them together for a luncheon and tried to talk to them, they weren’t complying. After showing her frustration, one former director commented, “Uh Oh. Your little friend come to visit?” Leslie expressed her disbelief in the comment and eventually got what she needed. Another example of Leslie fighting misogyny was when she was interviewing a former councilwoman, as Leslie recently became a councilwoman. The councilwoman was explaining how she wanted extra jobs for women in the government. However, the other councilmen suggested that it was because it was her “time of the month” and it was true, as they kept a calendar on her …show more content…
They are breaking down the stereotypes by calling out the misogynists, showing men are feminists, and proving that women can be just as proficient at manly activities. Parks and Recreation is an excellent show because it shows the strong, female characters (with the supporting males) defying gender stereotypes and bringing about change. It’s a great eye opener and a hilarious

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