Robyn Fivush's Research

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“Society teaches boys not to cry or show their feelings, then act surprised when some men act heartless”(Unknown). The videos given for Chapter 3 allowed me to take a deeper look into the mastermind of societies confusing misconception of women and men. The Mazzilli family, Robyn Fivushs research, and the textbook provided me with a plethora of information for understanding the way society treats men and women differently. To begin with, the members of the Mazzilli family include husband and wife Lee and Danny Mazzilli along with fraternal twins LJ and Lacy and sibling Jenna Mazzilli. Major sources of stress come from Mr. Lee leaving for 6 months of the year to go out of town for his new job. With this new job and shift within the family the children experience slight …show more content…
In her experiment with four-year-old boys and girls, it is clearly exhibited that the parents of girl children experience more attention and affection to the point where they are able to express themselves. The purpose of the research was to identify ways the parents interactions affect the way the boys handle their emotions. The mother in the clip gave more suggestions and more solutions when the girl is talking about her emotions. The mother dealing with the boy child doesn’t focus on the feeling of anger itself, but the actions performed when he acts out. In conclusion, the mothers encourage the girls to provide details about their feelings and emotions, but boys don’t give much detail about their anger or emotions. I enjoyed Robyn Fivush’s quote when she stated “..the message that boys are receiving is very mush that emotions are inside of me, where as girls see emotions as something that is between people”. When watching, I noticed that mothers don’t really promote boys to talk about their

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