Areas Of Miscommunication Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse areas of miscommunication in the education system, and to discuss the many issues it causes for Aboriginal peoples. Communication is an exchange of ideas, information or feelings through a number of different mediums. Failure to communicate can impact the relationship between Aboriginal students and their non-Indigenous students and teachers. Language is an area of communication that can be easily misconceived and causes many issues in a multi-language classroom like not understanding the work they are being taught. Culture is very hard to break through because we’re often not aware of our own until we enter another, Aboriginal students have to deal with this daily and it can often stand in the way of …show more content…
Language is a main cause of miscommunication because teachers/students don’t understand Aboriginal English, and some Aboriginal students don’t understand English which can lead to bad grades, and affect their relationships with non-Aboriginal people. Another issue is culture, which isn’t properly accommodated in schools and can lead to miscommunication issues such as Aboriginal students not feeling like themselves at school and therefore resent going, which leads to low attendance, and poor grades. Many Aboriginal customs are misunderstood by non-Aboriginal peoples, which leads to this miscommunication of what their actions mean. Finally, stereotyping of Aboriginal peoples can affect their academic outcomes, their self-esteem and whether they pursue further education. These misconceptions of Aboriginal peoples impacts the education students receive and their feelings towards non-Aboriginal peoples. There has been little action to improve these areas of miscommunication, but it is an ongoing process that will take many years to fix. More effort could go into helping Aboriginal students achieve their best school experience by just giving them more

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