Minority Juveniles And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Minority Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System
There is no questioning the fact that crime has been around since the beginning of time. And it has been over time that crimes has escalated in both severity and frequency. One thing that has changed over time is the amount of crime that is being committed by juveniles. In today’s independent lifestyle adolescents have become much more adverse toward the law. And with the current coverage that minorities are getting in regards to crime and instances like police brutality, it is giving various minority communities a negative inward look. When you combine the rebellious acts of teenagers and the negative connotations that minorities are facing, being a minority youth is becoming a more dangerous and frightening thing. And this is before crimes are even committed. When in the system minority youth suffer a great deal more. Within the juvenile justice system there is a lot of racial disparity between the youths who are arrested, similarly to the disparity that exists within the adult criminal justice system. As a whole, America has come a long way in regards to issues such as racism, however, there is still much hatred and racism that is occurring in and among the states and it is affecting the newer generations of Americans. It is noticeable that the criminal justice system is more inflexible and judgmental toward minorities going through processing in general, however it is even more tempestuous for minorities who are juveniles…

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