Minority Group: the Uyghur People of Xinjiang China Essay

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NAME: Nelson Gable STUDENT ID: U4667263 TUTOR: Alan Rumsey ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Minority Group: The Uyghur people of Xinjiang China. WORD COUNT: 2049 (Not including Bibliography)

Even since China’s rapid development of the 1990’s, to this day there is still a large degree of unrest encompassing all it’s minority groups. One such group is the Uyghur people, of whom reside in China’s northwest region of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, more commonly referred to as the Xinjiang province. This minority group face a definite number of cultural, social, political and economic deficiencies and as a result have been said to of overseen over ten savage attacks in the
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Seen as a compulsory measure in the Xinjiang government, the CCP party have made no stride to recruit non-Han parties at best. So too their political power is increasingly watered down by the Xianjiang division of sub autonomies, given to smaller non Uyghur minorities. However these divisions are blown out of context due to the incomparisons to the demographics of the area. Thus leading to further non-Uyghur dominance in the Xinjiang region, argued to be much deserved by the Uyghur people (Bovingdon 2004: 13).

Not only do the Uyghurs face large social and cultural obstacles, but so too economic deficiencies provide even further upset. Even in the Xinjiang workforce, standards of living and economic progress, it is evident that the region is saturated with inequality and discrimination toward Uyghurs, in relation to the rest of China. Even with the implantations of preferential policies in smaller industries, of which work to see the employment of Uyghur workers over equally or more qualified Han counterparts,

larger industries (e.g. Cotton, Oil, etc.) face no obligation to do the like (Haider 2005: 526). In this way it is evident that the Uyghur workers are excluded from Xinjiang’s largest industry sectors, leading to the resentment toward the CCP of whom harvest Xinjiang’s resources with little if any form of strong compensation to its people (Bovingdon 2004: 37). Although the

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