Minnie Wright's Reoccurring Themes In Trifles

Murder, lies, and secrets “Trifles” shows what happens when women are discriminated against for far too long. Minnie Wright puts up with her husbands abuse for years building up her insanity until she breaks and murders him. “Trifles” has several reoccurring themes them being social differentiation of men and women, Chauvinism versus female self-sufficiency, spousal abuse, the mental abuse of females as the weaker gender, losing your sanity, and lastly despotism. Although the chauvinism and despotism of the men tells them not to listen to women, the women and their self-sufficiency solved the mystery as to why Minnie Wright killed her husband that being due to mental abuse that caused her to become insane and murder him for killing her bird.
Social differentiation of men and woman is what the whole play “Trifles” is about. The roles men and woman play in society is throughout the whole play including when the men investigating the murder went around the Wright house making comments about how dirty the house was and saying Mrs. Wright was a lazy wife because of that.
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Social differentiation of men and woman is shown through the whole play, showing the roles men and woman had during that time. Chauvinism versus female self- sufficiency is proved when the men feel sorry for Mr. Wright and think that he didn’t do a think wrong. Mr. Wright constantly abused his wife with his despotism causing spousal abuse and mental abuse of females as the weaker gender. These six themes are categorized into one large theme and that is sexism. “Trifles” in just about every scene has some sort of sexism. Killing Minnie’s bird caused insanity and was considered mental abuse due to Mr. Wright’s despotism and Chauvinism resulting in Mr. Wright’s

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