Minneapolis V. Aclu ( 2015 ) Essay

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Minneapolis v. ACLU (2015)
Opinion of the Court: Bradley May 2013 saw the arrival of an exhibit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The exhibit contents featured were A)photos of nude men and women depicted in a variety of poses, B) photos of adults engaged in various sexual activities, and C) pictures of several nude men standing very close to one another. Finally, there were several pictures that resembled recent advertisements by a famous clothes designer. This last set of photos portrayed D) teenage children dressed in very little clothing, who were also placed in allegedly “erotic” poses. Sections C and D were deemed in violation of several Minneapolis and Minnesota statutes on decency and subsequently struck from public view in the exhibit. The petitioner, Minneapolis holds that the "protection of public morals is important enough to justify this restraint on the freedom of speech", Roth v. United States, and that historically, obscenity lies outside of the protection of the First Amendment. The respondent, the American Civil Liberties Union, hereafter referred as ACLU, hold that this is an art exhibit that appeals to the purest interest of those who enjoy the arts, and the nature of the work has social and artistic value. They also argue for the right of minors to be able to view the exhibit as a freedom of their expression The case today deals with three things: whether or not the Minneapolis statute 6.4.7. which bans “substantially lewd or indecent” materials…

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