Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

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The National Minimum Wage Should Not Be $15 Per Hour There has been a lot of recent controversy on whether or not the minimum wage should be raised. The issue is not so much to raise it or not, but whether or not the national wage should be $15 an hour. Others support a gradual increase to $12 an hour while some others do not believe the minimum wage should be raised at all. There has been an increase in support of a $15 minimum wage and some larger cities such as Seattle and New York have even taken on the $15 minimum wage. Although there has been an increase in support for a minimum wage of $15 minimum wage, there should not be a national $15 minimum wage due to the unknown effects of such a large increase, the increase in prices to the consumer and what has began to happen in Seattle. The first article in support of a $15 minimum wage is titled, “A $15 U.S. Minimum Wage: How the Fast-Food Industry Could Adjust Without Shedding Jobs.” This was written by Robert Pollin and Jeannette Wicks-Lim and mainly consists of ways for fast-food restaurants to adjust to the minimum wage increase. These two authors are apart of the Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Both Pollin and Wicks-Linn have spent time researching information about living conditions for low-income families. “Why the Minimum Wage Should Really Be Raised to $15 an Hour” was written by Robert Reich, who is the nation 's 22nd Secretary of…

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