Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Legal

1280 Words Mar 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Ever since the founding of this country, the Americans have worked to strive to become something greater. One of the key components that this country focused was the idea of “freedom”. This proves, later on, to be one the most controversial ideas because there is nobody out there that can state the perfect amount of freedom that should be given in order to main peace and harmony. Even before the disputes with labor and management in the industrial era, there has been a problem regarding the amount of regulation that government can posses over the citizens. People have different opinions about governmental control because some view that governmental control restricts one’s freedom. Some also argue that minimum promotes unemployment even though it is designed to help the average man to achieve a better life. It is because of these types of thinking that prolong the process of adopting a national law. Minimum wage took so long to be put in place because of the controversy about the government’s role in a citizen’s life and the factors of minimum wage that might encourage unemployment, however it was eventually put in place because it ensured a better living condition for people of the low class. So what is minimum wage and why does people reject this idea? Minimum wage is the law passed in 1938 that requires the employer to pay an employee at the given standard. “The legislation proclaimed that all citizens had the right to receive minimal living wages”(First Minimum-Wage…

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