Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Legal

1469 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
Minimum wage is considered to be the minimum price an employer pays their employee. This price is set at $7.25 by the federal government. The states have the power to raise the price, but not lower it. The highest minimum wage so far is $10.55 an hour in San Francisco, California ( This price is expected to go up as high as $15 in upcoming years in some places. These increasing prices have been having some downsides to them. Minimum wage going up not only has an effect on the people who have jobs, but also on the customers and the unemployed people looking for jobs. The minimum wage shouldn’t be raised any more than the set federal rate. One problem that arises with the increase of minimum wage is the effect is has on customers. When the minimum wage goes up, the customers have to pay the extra amount it would take to pay the employees ( This could be paying more for food at a fast food restaurants or paying more for goods at grocery stores. If the customers aren’t paying these higher prices, the costs will be cut elsewhere ( This could mean there would be more self- checkouts at grocery stores. These self- checkouts would take the place of regular checkout counters and cashiers. People would be laid off, because their employer can’t pay them. The stores would have to cut back on people running the checkout counters, because the minimum wage went up. The stores wouldn’t have enough money to pay all their employees,…

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