Essay on Minimum Wage : Increase But Does It Increase Enough?

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Minimum wage continues to increase but does it increase enough? Minimum wage right now for Florida is set at $8.05 but who can really live off that. Many adults who can not get a degree now living off minimum wage. A coworker of mine who is 24 earns minimum wage while working in a retail store. She is forced to work over 40 hours a week just to afford her rent, phone bill and car payments. With the income she is making she still can’t afford to get an apartment so she is obligated to pay rent to her parents. The cost of living is continuously increasing. Bills, housing and everyday expenses continue to increase which is making it impossible for people to live comfortably.
Increasing Minimum wage to $15 is now being protested all around Florida because single parents and individuals just can’t live off $8.05 an hour. Many people who were interviewed in the article said how they struggle everyday to even put food on the table. Harris Schwinn said, “It 's time to increase the minimum wage. If the minimum wage had kept pace with inflation it would have been $10.25 an hour in 2012.” Minimum wage continues to go up each year but not much at all. Last year minimum wage was at $7.93 and now it is $8.05, that is an increase of twelve cents which is nothing. Yearly full time workers living off minimum wage only makes around 15,000-16,000.

Raising minimum wage could help our government financially in the long run. Some of our taxes to the government go to food stamps and other…

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