Minimum Wage For Minimum Skills Essays

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Minimum Wage for Minimum Skills The war over minimum wage in America is roaring on. On one side, people argue that raising the minimum wage will help many escape poverty and maybe even provide more jobs. On the opposing side, people argue raising the minimum wage would only reach half of those who really need it and result in a major loss of jobs; therefore, it would be unsuccessful (Gray). Of these two sides, I agree with the latter. Through my research, I have found out that there is going to be more harm than done if we increase the minimum wage. There will be many problems that will occur if we raise the wages. First off, raising the wage is unethical. Raising the wage would result in many people quitting because of new worker’s pay jumping up close to those of experienced workers who have worked their way through the system. Also, and most importantly, raising the wages would result in a great loss of jobs available in the workforce due to labor being too pricey or laborers getting replaced by cheaper technology. Finally, it would lead to an increase of prices for consumers “People are not paid based on what they need,” Berman, a public relations guru that has been studying the effects of minimum wage, says. “ They are paid based on what they can contribute” (Gray). This is solely one of the main arguments that people use against raising the minimum wage. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Why would we want to be paying people who flip burgers or some other low-skilled…

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