Mindless And Maniacal Analysis

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Mindless and Maniacal, Is This Truly the Life of an Adolescent?
Parties, drugs and alcohol, the vital ingredients for the perfect recipe to create teenage recklessness. Well done Australia. Once again you’ve molded and influenced a toxic depiction of innocents through the media.
We adolescents, as a whole, have become victims of a so called ‘party animal’ reputation forced upon us. Simply contemplate any high school movie or mere news story about teenagers and their message will scream ‘TEENAGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL’ in subliminal bold. Is this continuous cycle of anti-teen bias what you really want to see in your everyday life? Of course not! But due to the negative representations of the youth cooked up by the hungry editors, directors,
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Take the Blockbuster “10 Things I Hate About You” for example. Underneath the layers of teenage love there lies an artful sub message that teens are impulsive, party crazed, barbarians. The popular “party” scene in the film exposes this buried message. As chaotic fights, binge drinking and promiscuous behaviour all take place under the same roof, it is only to be expected that parents will pray for their children’s well-being when they watch such monstrosities. An ideology this utterly preposterous along with numerous camera angles and lighting film techniques will inevitably lead to negative assumptions about teenagers. Made not only in the comfort of family living rooms but out in the real world too, by each and every single member of …show more content…
Over exaggerated, anti-teen propaganda in some twisted way grasp the attention of thousands. No matter how you look at it, no one wants to be yawing whilst watching a news story about a teenager who wants to change the world for the better. It’ll only make viewers envious of the adolescent’s passion and thirst for life which they lost long ago. The people of society want entertainment. Just like the Romans watching the gladiatorial games, they know such lies are bad but it’s just so entertaining. Unfortunately no consideration for the innocent victims is acknowledged. The ludicrous insults thrown at the youth are cruel and destructive. Would it be so crazy to make a movie to inspire a nation with teenagers in it? Or even write an article about the good doers and hardworking juveniles? Of course the media would never consider this, for it does not bring those glorious ratings that fictitious stories about teenagers so called reckless and disordered behaviours do. But if we as a society continue going down this path of destruction, the consequences will become far

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