Miles Davis And Steve Reich Essay

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In modern day, there are all types of music that have stemmed from the very beginning of time and music techniques. Jazz is a genre of music that has changed focus from the strict playing of the music and rhythms to a more free and fun style, giving musicians more freedom to play music how they like and how they choose to when it comes to entertaining audiences. There are two main musicians who are an example of jazz at its finest, and they are Miles Davis and Steve Reich. Miles Davis is an example of a jazz musician who chose to explore into the musical genre, always up for a challenge and something new to try. He brought many new and exciting changes to the jazz genre while he was living, and still influences jazz musicians to this day. Miles’s recording of Kind of Blue is an example of his experiments in modal jazz, and is also the best selling jazz album of all time (“Miles Davis”). This album was an example of his freedom and creativity in his jazz music. Though most of his music was not played flamboyantly and quickly, he added a little touch of class to everything that he played. The first piece of music that I decided to listen to by Miles Davis was his piece, “So What.” It begins softly with an upright bass and piano playing gently in the background and then it adds in more instruments and crescendos, gradually going up the scale, then back to the original pattern. The saxophone then comes in, playing a melody over the music in the background. It has that…

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