Midterm Study Aid for Jazz (Concise Guide)) Essay

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Midterm Study Aid
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* Two things necessary in any definition of jazz: a.)Improvisation – to compose and perform music at the same time. (Making up as you go along). b.)Swing Feeling-(rolling) steady beat, walking baseline, constant tempo. Syncopation. Calls for a lilting feeling. (groove). * Four items that helps music swing: a.) steady beat, b.) walking baseline, c.) constant tempo, d.) syncopation (Up and down feeling). Syncopating- accenting just before or after a beat. * Blues Form (1910) developed into a 12 bar format : quest-4, quest-,answer-4. The word blues refers to a kind of music put together like a military march and had rhythms borrowed from African American banjo music. *
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* Father of stride? James P Johnson. * Father of Ragtime? Scott Joplin. * Empress of the Blues? Bessie Smith. * Rural Blues-singer didn’t make it to the studio. Urban blues-singers made it to the studio. * Who invented Scat singing? Louis Armstrong. * Queen of Scatt? Ella Fitzgerald. * Fats walker was good at three things- song writing, piano playing, entertaining. * Father of tenor sax was- Coleman Hawkins * Syncopation stresses- on any portion of the measure other then the first part of the first beat. On a portion of a measure least expected to receive stress. * Comping is achieved by what instruments? Piano, organ, guitar, banjo. * Walking bass is one note on every beat. * Chord is two or more notes that is heard sounding simultaneously * Count Basie played what instrument? Piano and the drums. * Star Tenor Soloist? Lester young (prez), star saxophonist. * Billie Holiday is known for her intimate voice and care free spirit of joy. * The instrument each player played: * Scott Joplin (piano) * Jelly Roll Morton (Piano) * Earl Hines (Piano) trumpet like * Bix Beiderbeck (Trumpet) * Duke Ellington (piano) * Louis Armstrong (Trumpet and Scat singing) * Billie Holiday (Vocalist) * James P. Johnson (piano) * Fats Waller (vocalist and piano) * Bessie Smith (Voice) * Ella Fitzgerald (voice) * Roy Elderidge (Trumpet) * Coleman Hawkins (Tenor

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