Middle Class Dillusionment Essay

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Progressivism: Middle Class Disillusionment In 1958, a man named George Mowry explains s economic, social, and political divisions of the progressivism movement. The progressivism movement ties in a lot with our society today and shows how history does indeed repeat itself. Mowry describes the good, and bad of progressivism, but emphasizes the bad. Mowry is really trying to exhibit the differences between capitalism and socialism in his essay and explain why progressivism is not good for the well being and future of America, which can be proven today but our economic instability and division as a nation. More importantly however Mowry displays how progressives try to create, “heaven on earth” by their moral actions. Mowry first …show more content…
Some of those commonly known leaders are Theodore Roosevelt, Robert La Follete, Lincoln Steffens, Willam Allen White, Woodrow Wilson, John Johnson, and Hooke Smith of Georgia. Another group of people who were making a movement was populism. Populism were a group of people who were economically secured, well educated, middle class group who arose from farmer distress in a period of acute depression. “ According to William Allen White, populism had ‘shaved its whiskers, washed its shirt, put on a derby, and moved up into the middle class… populism arose from a farmer distress in a period of acute depression. Its reforms were belly reforms. The movement was led by angry men and woman not too far removed from the Grange hall. The motivation of these farmers was heart. They believed its not fair to take farm land and stick a bunch of windmills on there, not only was it not fair but it also made the agriculture business lose money. In a specific case California lost money for putting up windmills in farmer land and turning the production of agriculture into a nominal size. This idea of motivation of heart also relates to today because our motivation for supplying all of this aid comes from heart, because we believe it isn’t fair that one shouldn’t have medical care, or food etc. However there are just some gray areas to this plan that need to be filled and that is what in

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