Middle Child Syndrome Essay

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The world is slowly becoming known that there is such thing as middle child syndrome and it is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. Due to it being a new issue there is no actual evidence of solutions working, just opinions of what may be some solutions. Such as, going to counseling for the middle child with their parents. Having the middle child sit down with their parents and being able to say what is one their mind and what bothers them, or just expressing what they wish was different in their family. Sometimes, all it takes is the middle child getting what they want for their birthday or Christmas. Yet, there are some solutions that I believe will help immensely.
Counseling is a way to get professional help whenever you have emotional problems, either with or without your family. A lot of people will go to a counselor for depression, but I doubt most people know that they can go to therapy for feeling treated unfairly at home. It is a great way for families to sit down and be able to solve conflicts within a family, in a healthy and helpful manner. Most families do not think that they need counseling, that they can fix their
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One of the symptoms of Middle Child Syndrome is feeling as if you are never heard or forgotten about, whether it be standing in the shadow of their older sibling or being “pushed out of the nest” before you are ready and ignored while their parents tend to their younger and older siblings. This gives a sense of not knowing where they stand, if they are wanted or, even loved. That feeling, more times than not, starts up what is called the “rebellion” side of the middle child. They try to get themselves in trouble or get into fights easier with their siblings just so their parents will say something to them and or notice

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