Microorganisms Lab Report

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The title of the lab: Microorganisms and Humans – Infectious Disease Lab Resource

The aim of the lab: The aim of the lab was to see if student could detect streptococci causing bacteria in the back of their throats and other objective was to view pathogen causing diseases under the microscope.

Activity 1 – Identification of Human Streptococcal Pathogens
1. Glass microscope slides
2. Bunsen burner
3. Inoculating loop
4. Sharpie pen
5. 2 bacitracin discs
6. Sterile saline tubes
7. Sterile cotton swabs
8. Tongue depressors
9. Gloves
10. 1 blood agar plate/student pair
Divide a blood agr into two sections, one for you and the other for the lab partner. Wash hand thoroughly before proceduring to the getting a throat culture.
Depress the tongue with a sterile depressor, donot put it down on the table or touch any surface with it until the procedure is completed.
Swab the inside of
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The beta hemolysis show a clear with red cell free zone; meaning it did not surround the colony. The apha on the other hand show a patial zone sounding the colony. Often time you will see a greenish discoloration in the agar. Gamma shows no hemolysis and no color change of the agar.

Analysis of results: The srep test show negative because there no red zone surrounding the colony and neither were there changes in pigmentation. In this case it will be consider as the gamma cells.

The on of the lab was accomplish because student were able to know from the test taken wheather or the person have the strep bacteria in their throat. For my professional life, it is very useful to know that a text can be done to determine the substabiblity of a patient to a strep throat or other strep cauing disease. For my personal life, I think there are mensure that one can take to prevent the development of the infect when once have the strep bacteirs in the throat. I think one think we can do is

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