Michael Faraday And Oersted Compare And Contrast

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Jacob Schuster

Comparing and Contrasting Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Orsted

Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Oersted were both Chemists and Physicists in the 1800’s. They both discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity. This paper will give backgrounds on both Faraday and Oersted and will compare and contrast their works. Michael Faraday was born in London on September 22, 1791. He was the first person to produce an electric current from a magnetic field, He discovered diamagnetism and explained why some substances react opposite to a magnetic force when they encounter a magnetic field. He also discovered the effect of magnetism on light and he invented the electric generator and the electric motor.
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He often wrote articles for magazine and newspapers and gave lectures to teach people the importance of science. Oersted died on March 9, 1851 in Copenhagen. There are many differences between Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Oersted. They came from different family backgrounds, Faraday being from a poor family and Oersted’s father was a pharmacist. Oersted attended the University of Copenhagen at the age of 16 and eventually earned his PHD in Philosophy. Faraday, because of his families poverty and only received a basic education but was able to educated himself by reading books and attending lectures. Faraday based his discoveries from Oersted’s publications where as Oerstad used experiments.

Their similarities both became professors at Universities and stayed on staff until their death. They were both given funding by the government to further their research and were highly regarded by public figures. They both were interested in electromagnetism and unity of forces and made many discoveries. Faraday invented the electric motor and generator while Oersted conducted an experiment that showed electricity and magnetism were

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