Mexican And Hispanic Groups During World War II Essay

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The Second World War not only changed the political world, but socially throughout the entire world. WWII affected America and the American citizens as well; one group I would specifically like to speak about is Mexican and Hispanic groups. These two groups are often time either overlooked and not talked about; but had an important role in the American standing in the second World war. I found a very interesting essay on the reality of Mexican Americans and how the war affected the ethnic group during World War II. The Balch Institute wrote this essay for Ethnic Studies of The Historical Society of Pennsylvania; in the beginning of the essay, it begins like “World War II had an enormous impact on Latinos in the United States, including Mexican Americans” (PG 1) this example; gives you a sense of how the Latino and Mexicans were affected by the war. The war also made the immigration toll of Mexican and Latinos rise; because of the many American men going to war many jobs became available. Not only did the many Mexican and Latinos joining the workforce this gave a new path for women and African Americans to join the workforce as well. The shortages of people in the work force; forced America to make an agreement in the year of 1942. This agreement was called the Bracero Program, which was a labor agreement with the United States and Mexico to bring in more workers to fill the void. Even though the Bracero Program brought many Latinos and Mexican immigrants to the states it…

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