Methods to Improve the Standard of English by the Government Essay

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Methods to improve the standard of English by the government

English as spoken and written by Malaysians nowadays really isn’t as standardised as one might expect it to be. The language itself which admittedly is not the native language for any of us Malaysians is not used in proper conduct as by the native speakers. We adapted a language which incidentally is considered one of the most important languages of which one needs to be able to speak in, yet we haven’t been able to use it as it should be, that is by following the rules of a language, the grammatical rules and actually speaking the language without mixing it with any other lingo. There is a need to improve the standard of English in Malaysia. In par with that, the
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Besides that, the government should also increase the number of English films and dramas in the television channels owned by them. Watching English movies and/or dramas with either subtitles in the national language or English subtitles can help improve the viewers’ understanding of English words as used by the actors. This can be considered a very good way of learning English as not only do the one who follows this method manage to improve his English, he can also get entertained by the movie/drama. Therefore, this would be a very nice method to be implemented by the government. Other than that, the government should also encourage the citizens to listen to English songs and do not ostracise them for the sake of the perseverance of songs with lyrics in the national language and promoting the national language. Listening to English songs can be very useful in improving English especially for those who literally don’t adore reading whereby such individuals are all but scarce here in Malaysia. This would also let Malaysians know that reading, despite being one of the most effective way of learning a language is not the only method. Learning English can be way easier when one reads materials that suits his level of English. The government can ensure that reading materials published in Malaysia are graded according to their level of English for example a simple reading material is labeled as Grade 1 whereas a book written using

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