Mesopotamian Values In The Gilgamesh Flood

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Name: Ted akufffo
Mesopotamian values: ideas about the nature of life and death The flood tells about the story of Utnapishtim. The city of Shurippak was corrupt, so the gods decide to bring upon a flood that would wipe out the human race. However, the god Ea, tells Utnapishtim to build a ship and to put two of every animal onto the boat with all the good people and his belongings. When Utnapishtim told the people, they laughed at him. One day, the gods decided to bring forth the flood and destructive rain, it was so scary that even the gods retreated to take refuge in the heaven of Anu. The storm lasted for about 6 days and 7 nights. Finally, the storm stops and the ship is held on Mount Nisir, then he sent out three birds swallow, dove, and raven to see if it was safe to come out. The story depicts things that have no reasons. It explains the motive for unexplainable events and the assurance that human suffering has a greater intention. The Gilgamesh epic was meant to endorse the value of decision making. From reading this poem, the audience can learn that one should be mindful of the choices that one makes. In addition to this, another value expressed in this story is responsibility because the gods asked
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Furthermore, the people were harsh because the Tigris and Euphrates were devastating to live near because of constant flooding with would bring devastation to their cities, costing a lot to rebuild. Also, Mesopotamian view of gods and afterlife were not cheerful and colorful as the Egyptians because the Mesopotamian gods were known to cause devastation to the people for no reason. The document states that as the god, Ishtar, was weeping she said she was the destruction of her own people, after the gods and she almost destroyed the

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