Merchant of Venice - Karma Essay

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Karma is the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished according to that person’s deed. I believe we all have karma in ourselves. That our unconscious leads us to do good, but that sometimes we choose not to listen and do wrong. I think that in world full of hate, malice, jealousy and unfairness, it is reassuring to believe in some kind of an outer force who can just be fair. A force that can reward you or put you back in place for what you’ve done. But sometimes it just doesn’t seem to exist, it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes we can’t explain it and sometimes they don’t deserve it. Since it is a familiar subject a lot of writers decide to incorporate karma, fate, …show more content…
So I don’t understand why Shylock has to pay for Antonio’s mistakes, has to give up his bond and half of his goods and has to be seen as the bad guy of the story. It doesn’t make any sense. All he wanted was justice. Finally, I think Portia went a little over board at the audience. I admit that Shylock might have gone a little too far for the pound of flesh, which wouldn’t bring him anything, but after all it was his bond and Antonio signed it. I get that she was trying to help her husband’s friend by preventing Shylock to take his pound of flesh but at a certain point she over did it and her actions became unnecessary. She could have stopped when she mentioned that he was not allowed to shed any drop of blood. After this restriction, he accepted to give up his bond and take the money, but she tricked him and told him to go on. She then added two other restrictions, which made him violate the Venetian laws and give up half of his goods.
In conclusion, Shylock does not deserve anything he gets in the end, since he is a victim, since Antonio signed and agreed to the bond, since he has never done anything to Antonio and since Portia went too far to protect him. This is an example of a “non-working karma”, because he doesn’t get what he earns since something bad happens to a good person, him. And there is a quote that describes this situation perfectly. So as I like to say, what goes around doesn’t always

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