Essay on Mental Illnesses Among Military Service Members

1341 Words Feb 15th, 2016 null Page
Mental Illnesses among military service members Mental illnesses have become a serious issue. PTSD being one of these, which has caused service members to suicidal thoughts and actions. Studies have been done as well as comparisons but we still are lack a good understanding of what these people are going through. Since there is a lack of understanding of the human mind, not many prevention groups or cope methods have been found. Scientists should do more studies to understand the human mind in order for military personals to find ways to help members cope with the illnesses. Military service members go through a lot physically and mentally when they go through training or are in combat. During basic training/bootcamp there mind is broken down and torn apart; physically they are pushed to their limits. The star news states that ,"For many americans suffering from mental illnesses their journey is a lonely one", this should not be the case they should not feel alone because many people suffer from mental illnesses (Editorial). Military service members tend to hide their emotions because they are suppose to come off as strong and unbreakable "but even the strongest people can buckle under extreme pressure or exposure to life threatening conditions, such as in wartime"(Editorial). When the hard times become more extreme the ones who suffer from these mental illnesses tend to snap whether it is a mass shooting or committing suicide. When these hard…

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