Mental Illness Of A Mental Disorder Essay

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Psychiatric inpatients suffer from a mental disorder that is known as psychological conditions that are as a result of disorganization of mind, personality, and emotions that affect the normal social functioning of an individual. There are several methods that were used in history to treat an inpatient psychologically that affected an individual. Some of these problems were crude and oppressive, but they were desirable by that time (Jennings, 1994).
Moral treatment was administered in the 18th century, and it was believed that the mental illness of an individual was a result of moral issues, and it can be treated with humane care through instilling discipline. The psychiatrists used various strategies such as isolation, hospitalization and many discussions concerning the individual’s wrong beliefs. The treatment has various limitations but it was one of the respectful treatments of individuals with mental illness, and it was focused on meeting people’s basic needs (Rabinowitz, Mark, Popper & Feldman, 1997).
Lobotomy: Disrupting brain circuits was one of the popular treatments that received a Nobel Prize and it is used more often. The method entails the alleviating suffering through disrupting the brain circuits and might cause the symptoms. The lobotomies have a clear demonstration that entailed that mental illness treatment is supposed to be thoroughly tested before used in an organization. They conducted a mental health testing with professionals by which the researchers…

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