Mental Illness In Poe's Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In today’s society we see mental illness coming back to focus in the medical field due vile events happen throughout the country. After the 2008 recession majority of American mental institutes and Asylums closed and leaving people, who require attention, erratic in their communities. These mental illness cause the people to behave differently and cause them to do things that they would never do .Through many centuries of playwrights and literature we have seen many stories end with tragedies and unfathomable endings. Furthermore, we question why the finale to a good read ended in such away even though we believed that all was looking well for the protagonist. Analyze the characters we see the symptoms of mental illness reside in these characters which led to their down fall. In the timeless classic playwright “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare the plague of instability through many character but the only character reader are hundred percent aware is insane is poor Ophelia. In The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe we see the insomnia and loss of numerous characters and other show they dealt with depression of loss. Poe’s work is both a horrific supernatural themes and shows mad men/women and their …show more content…
Ophelia and the Character from “The Raven” went mad due to a loss of a loved one they show that someone with depression should be treated immediately or it might cause them to become un-cordial and erratic. However in Tell Tale Heart the character was truly mad to begin with but his demise came out of guilt which was a twist for any murder. Both Shakespeare and Poe used the inference of insanity to explain the characters vile actions, not explained but amused the audiences. In all these stories the mentality of the character brought them to their lowest point and brought to their end in any great tragedy the true antagonist is

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