Memories And How When Enough Time Passes Essay

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Memories are images from our past, and because of that they can be tampered or modified. Elizabeth Loftus did a study about memories and how when enough time passes that memories can be altered into whatever that person wants to believe. Memories can change to be something it is not when someone forces a memory on to someone else. Believing in another person and them telling a false memory to another could also seem real to that person. Memories should not be used as evident against another person in court because how can an image in that persons mind be shown to others that it is real? Elizabeth Loftus is a famous Psychologist, when she was called in court to testify in the Franklin trial. George Franklin’s daughter Eileen claimed that she remembered, years later, that her father raped and killed her best friend. “totally forgetting that you witnessed something that traumatic, and then suddenly recalling it whole decades after the fact? Burying every detail and then having it float flashbulb into your mind, every inch intact, I don’t think so” (Slater qtu. 183). It’s close to impossible that a non-existent memory suddenly appear. It was because of this situation Loftus wanted to study false memories to help the non-guilty and to show that memory is not evident to use against someone else.
To help prove innocent to those faulty accused, Loftus had her students create a story about being lost in the mall and to tell the fake story as a memory to their younger siblings…

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