Memoirs Of A Geisha Analysis

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Memoirs of a Geisha
Few decades ago, Japan hit its golden time by conquering some of the Asia Pacific regions. Japanese people were so courageous to work hard, which lifted their life to become better. Although Great Depression gave huge effects to the country, the society could manage themselves not to fall beyond their limit. Around that time, Japanese culture and tradition were strongly embraced by them. Japanese culture and tradition blended among the society and held inside their soul. One of the unique and beautiful Japanese culture was the existence of geisha. The term of geisha was so popular back then among the noble class in Japan. However after the World War II struck the nation, their existence was rarely recognized. The society started to modernize and got influenced by the western culture; in result, geisha culture was forgotten by many people. Very few people still cared about the life of geisha. Arthur Golden, in the purpose to bring back the life of geisha, wrote a historical novel based on the
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In his best-selling novel called “Memoirs of a Geisha”, which also adapted into a movie, Golden included the detail of geisha culture that once was famous by recalling the setting of where the geisha would mostly live, the theme and the characters he made to construct the …show more content…
In the late of 19th century, geisha culture was so famous among the Japanese society. Geisha was highly respected and recognized by the beauty of appearance and the skills to entertain men. As the world modernized, tradition and culture were being forgotten little by little. Although it did not go extinct, not so many people know the true of geisha. Arthur Golden wanted to bring up the worthy history of geisha that resulted on him dedicating the novel. In the hope that many people would pay attention to their own culture and embrace it as their valuable

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