Melissa Is A Young, Jewish, Urban Professional Essay

2243 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
Melissa is a young, Jewish, urban professional who grew up in a middle-class suburb in New York. Her dream of having a big wedding at her parents’ country club was about to finally come true. One thing that Melissa and her Fiancé planned to do right after their marriage was to start having children. Melissa felt that she wanted to go get a physical exam to make sure she was in good health to carry a child. The doctor suggested she get tested for HIV as he suggest for all his clients to get test, Melissa agreed not thinking anything would be wrong with her health regarding HIV. Furthermore, two weeks later, after two blood work test Melissa’s HIV results tested positive. Melissa was astonished with the result and she felt she did not need to let her Fiancé know about her being HIV positive, since they always used protection when having sexual intercourse.
Melissa’s family was not aware of the health issue she was suffering from. Considering, that she is Jewish, it could be frowned upon, and her family could consider her a sinner. At time religion can be so judgmental and frown upon with what ones actions have cause. Melissa could fear of telling her family due to the fact that she is Jewish and she fears of their reaction. Another reason Melissa was in fear of informing her family about her status, could be because of them thinking she contacted it through drug substance or homosexuality, which in Melissa’s case is not it. Also, considering that she was just about to get…

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