Medieval Medicine : Magical And Irrational Essay

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Medieval Medicine: Magical & Irrational

Daniella Smithers BA Hons Bangor University (History/Archaeology/ Heritage)

The Medieval period was dangerous and religious. This combination could mean life or death during the middle ages. Europe was dominated by the Christian faith, which oversaw and controlled the public. These Christian beliefs over ruled a lot of scientific thought and prevented discoveries. Throughout this period diseases such as the Black Death, otherwise known as the Bubonic Plague, killed over 70 million people. It is one of the deadliest times in history, as well as the most superstitious. Hence, it created a world of magical and irrational theories. Doctors didn’t have the understanding of medical remedies, it was a world driven by the church. Being the driving force for most medical theory, the church had strict control over what was studied and used. People who didn’t use or practice the religious way were often then ridiculed and accused of witchcraft. Medicine was very primitive and procedures that were carried out during this period often led to the death of the patient.
Illness was said to be caused by God for bad behaviour. The Church often declared that a sinful act would be punished and therefore was the own persons fault. Ever since Ancient Greece, a common theory for illness was the four humours. There were four humours that made up the human body. A balance in these humours meant that a person was healthy. An imbalance, however, led…

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