Medicare Patients Can See Better Care Essay

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“Medicare patients could see better care” is written by Jordan Rau, he works on Kaiser Health News. The article is in CNN on January 27, 2015, claiming that Medicare will be improved within four years and Medicare patients can be treated better (Rau). The article is written for the citizens in America. Obama did not spend much money on Medicare and the American did not be treated well in hospitals before. In addition, Medicare has a profound effect in America. The article seems convincing because the author uses a lot of data and the words from the nonprofit organization to support that Medicare can be improved better within four years.
The article “Medicare patients can see better care” is convincing because the author uses a lot of data to support that Medicare could be improved within four years. The Obama administration announced they will spend half the program’s traditional spending on patient care (Rau). According to the article, there were 72 billion dollars on traditional Medicare spent last year. There was 20% of traditional Medicare spending on Accountable care organization. However, there are 424 Accountable care organizations and 105 hospitals give each patient follow-up care (Rau). Compared with the cost of Medicare before, Obama spend more money on Medicare this year. There are more hospitals and organization to take care of patients. The accurate numbers can show the change clearly. In addition, the Health and Human Services Secretary named Sylvia Burwell…

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