Medical Testing On Death Row Inmates Essay

1461 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Animal’s vs Death Row Inmates: Medical Testing on Death Row Inmates Death row in every state is seen as a crucial issue but it serves as justice to the people who have been hurt physically and emotionally by the inmates’ actions. When sentenced to death row, states have already selected the method on how the inmate would be executed. The two main methods states choose between is the (poison) lethal vaccination or death by electrocution. But wouldn’t it be nice to have another alternative solution that an inmate had the option to select, which is to voluntary to be used for a medical testing that can be beneficial to all society? Taxpayers, tend to pay for all prisoners but in a death row case, the amount of money can get highly expensive. Inmates sentenced to death row should at least die with some dignity, which results in the topic that is argued today, death row inmate should be used for medical testing rather than animals. Testing medical purposes on animals can take quite some time to achieve, which wouldn’t be the case if humans were tested on. Animals’ contain some alike structure to the human anatomy but aren 't quite the same which results in less accurate solutions. Testing on inmates does seem unethical because it violates “human rights” but the fact is that death row inmates are going to be put to death regardless. Medical testing should be an option for inmates, it will save taxpayers a lot of money, all the animals they will be saving and it…

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