Good Medical Ethics Summary

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Bowman, D. (2015). What is it to do good medical ethics? Minding the gap(s). Journal of Medical Ethics, 41(1), 60.

In this article, the spiritual behaviors of medical ethics are incline to differ from more materialistic methods by stressing limitations on self-directed decision-making, by more certainly valuing the familiarity of suffering, and by drawing on beliefs and standards that go beyond empiric authentication. Also in this article, it traces the impact of several differences of some of the world 's great religious behaviors with respect to three specific issues: (1) religious painstaking objection to medical treatments; (2) end-of life decision-making, including euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, and the withholding or withdrawing
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This reciprocal relationship between theory and practice echoes Aristotle’s own methodology in ethics, where he regularly compares his provisional conclusions about Eudaimonia with his interpretations about the blossoming or otherwise of individuals in other human groups. Ethics is well known for taking place ‘from the inside out’, but it is also imperative to appreciate that taking ethical recommendations outside into the more complex and difficult world of medical practice can more times than not to tell us as much about the pros and cons of those recommendations as it can about how most medical practices should be changed.

Rhodes, R. (2015). Good and not so good medical ethics. Journal of Medical Ethics, 41(1), 71.

In this paper, a brief sketch of the actual reasons that medical ethics serves and ideas as to what makes for good medical ethics. Medical ethics has the ability to guide a clinical practice as well as, biomedical research. It has the ability to make a contribution to the education of clinicians and have a direct impact on the healthcare policy. Although these are distinctive activities, they are alike in many of the same ways. Good medical ethics is rational, informative, precise, sensible, reliable, well-versed, and accounted for.

Weise, Mary Victoria, RN (2016) Medical Ethics Made Easy: Professional Case Management Vol 21, No. 2

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