Medical Aid Program For Patients With Low Income Essay

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Medical aid program that helps the federal government to pay for health care services provided to patients with low income. In California, the program is called the program Medi-Cal. State to receive federal Medicaid funds, the state must contribute matching amount from their own funds. In 2009, a new program has been created such that California hospitals were required to pay a fee to help California get the federal funds available for medical aid. This program has resulted in hospitals in California received nearly $ 2 billion annually in additional federal funds for the program Medi-Cal. However, California has diverted some of the funds from the hospital fee program to the general fund of the state. And has the approval of the initiative by the voters in the state, it will add the language of the Constitution of the State of California requires voter approval of changes in the hospital fee program to make it difficult for the Legislative Council to transfer the money for the intended purpose of the original support of hospital care for patients and to help pay health care costs for children of low-income program Medi-Cal. California implemented the management of health care services (DHCS) his first hospital quality assurance fee (HQAF) in 2010. The program provides funding for supplemental payments to hospitals in the state of California that serve Medi-Cal program and uninsured patients. Revenues HQAF also provides funding to cover health care for children, pays direct…

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