Media 's Influence On Society 's Actions, Personalities, And Beliefs

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Media in Our World
The media today is one of the greatest influences on society’s actions, personalities, and beliefs. The Society conducts their lives to the point where they are just living a life that media has created for them. Sometimes this influence is taken into consideration to deeply and starts to harm society. The image of a woman in today’s society as portrayed by the media are one that is almost artificial. Mass media have come to develop this idea that being a beautiful woman, one has to be passive in personality, flawless, and most of all, as thin as a yardstick. Media has taken the image of a woman and warped it into something so impractical that women and young girls are harming their bodies to look like these manufactured models. Mass media definitely have heavy influence on the growing rate of eating disorders among young girls and women in today’s society.
Images of anorexic women projected by the media will give today’s people an idea of what a normal person should look like, and therefore they try to be like them and end with an eating disorder. An Eating disorder typically begins in adolescence. Based on the article by Fiona Bawdon “No models for girls: controversy over ‘size zero’ models no longer confined to the fashion industry. There is now solid evidence that images of super thin celebrities in the media have a direct effect on the well-being of teenagers” discusses how teenagers girl tend to think of themselves as fat and ugly when they see…

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