Essay on Media Influences On Perception Of Crime

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Generally, the public 's knowledge of crime rates are gained from various forms of media but rarely does the media accurately present to the public the truth of crime rates. This misrepresentation at times causes unrealistic fear for safety in the general public. The fear of victimisation and the reality of victimisation will be the first issue discussed here in order to examine this unrealistic fear of crime. Media influences on perception of crime trends will addressed, followed by media bias and influence in crime misconceptions. Then the exploration of the natures of information and entertainment of crime in the media will establish the effects of crime news combined with crime entertainment on perceptions and lastly investigative predicter variables compaired to media predictor variables in order to statistically evaluate the effects of television news variables compaired to Federal Bureu of Investigation variables. When you fully explore these aspects of media in relation to crime you find a clear misrepresentation of major crime trends.

Fear of victimisation verse reality of victimisation
In a survey discussed by Weatherburn, Matka and Lind (1996), the consensus was that the Australian public fear crime victimisation in excess of realistically becoming a victim. The study found that the majority of crime fears focused around assault, robbery, car theft and break and enter offenses. Weatherburn and Indermaur (2004) expand on misconception of crime trends among the…

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