Media Influence On Eating Disorders

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When I say the words eating disorders what comes to mind when you here those two words? I always think about girls who try to starve themselves to make themselves look like a celebrity or one of their role models. But the real definition of what an eating disorder is “any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa).” We were asked to choose a social problem or topic that interests us and I chose how the media influences eating disorders and the way we look at ourselves. The population that I am seeking to assist would have to be mainly women because women tend to view themselves less then they truly are.
Even at an early age, women are bombarded with images that give us ideas
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I know I’m not going to lie I was one of them because seeing those girls on TV or magazines when I was younger made me want to be as happy as they look and I thought the only way to be happy like those girls was to be beautiful and skinny. Take victoria secret model Candice Swanepoel as an example. She is an inspiration to many young teens and adults. Not many people know however Candice is 5’9” and weighs around 121 pounds making her underweight for her height. However, Candice is not the one to blame, the media as a whole is the one to blame because viewers see Candice as a motivation to work out and be thin. The media does not expose to their viewers how she maintains her figure so some viewers may try and take the easy way out and starve themselves then developing an eating disorder. But if we all think about it, yes it is our choice to starve and do the things we want to our bodies but what made us want to do that in the first

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